Best dog groomer we have been to.
Caspar and Ronnie two very happy dogs after been today.

Stephen Lomas

Would like to say Thank you once again for excellent service from Rebecca for grooming both our guys this weekend. Very grateful. You do a fantastic job x

Sue Germaine

Helo (my labradoodle puppy) had his first trip to the salon today to get his nails chopped off. Thankx Rebecca ☺ very good at dealing with his fidgets lol x

Cat Buckingham‎

Rebecca is fantastic. Does a great job everytime and completely puts our dogs at ease. Thank you so much.

Juliette Walls

Rebecca is the best thing that happened to my two Shnauzer’s- especially our ex breeder rescue who was very difficult to handle, and we had almost given up on his grooming until he met her!!! She is meticulous, open and honest, and gives sound advice. My two (now) gorgeous dogs get lots of compliments on their cut- they do look stunning!! I would recommend for any breed, as Rebecca listens to what you the owner wants- even if it’s not the standard breed cut!! I no longer bath our dogs- much prefer to take them to Rebecca for this!


Isaac H. Smudge here… I have beenz to the fluff off lady… she did give me a hydrotherapy bubble bath and cut my hair and enough to stuff a cushion came from somewherez … had my claws cut – my claws are fused togever so it was bit hard for her but Rebecca did lovely job… had my ears cleaned with some nice stuff and my eyes done with special anti bacterial doggi eye wipes… Daddy is gonna post a picci soon of what I looks like now for my summer time garden playing days… I spent all day with Rebecca and mummy and daddy and been proper spoilt wivout them 2 harrassers heeeeeeeeeeeeeee the Andrew person looked after cas and ron so I enjoyed my day with my Mummy and Daddy… Daddy is now trying to take my photo heeeee and I am running all over away from him trying to play chase me, but Daddy cant chase me cos he got gammy hip, gammy knee and gammy everyfink, so I am laughing at him hobbling after me wif his camera…. love the smudge muffin!

Isaac H. Smudge


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